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United Agrivoltaics Solar Grazing

Why Sheep?


Traditionally, a 10 acre solar sight requires dozens of man hrs of mowing with a large crew, 2-3 times per year, with high carbon producing weed whackers, specialized flail mowers and a track driven skidsteers and sickle bars. The carbon output for each mowing of a 10 acres site, can be equivalent to driving a SUV back and forth across the United States. The only other industry alternative is one or two applications of chemical weed-killer.  Using sheep to graze the site cuts that mowing time to about 12 hrs a year and eliminates hundreds of hrs of running high carbon producing equipment. Using Sheep under solar is even more environmentally friendly than traditional crop farming while increasing the productivity of the land both in terms of energy production and food production, we have found the solar grazing sustains more animal units per acre buy providing a wider variation of plants and a stress free enviroment free from the elements of open range grazing. Sheep benefit from foraging the land and providing a service, they reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides and they provide jobs in the farming industry, all while re-sequestering carbon back in the soil and producing local food products! The question we should be asking is, why NOT sheep?  

The Goal

Before Sheep

  • vegetation shades the solar panels

  • costly maintenance

  • tight corners require specialty equipment

  • high carbon output

  • herbicides

The Task

  • Reduce carbon foot print

  • Lower costs

  • Build sustainability

  • Stimulate local economy

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