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United Agrivoltaics North America


Make your site attractive to farmers, easy to maintain and save annually on vegetation management costs.

The UA consulting team specializes in the optimization of solar projects for grazing and agrivoltaics. We provide agrivoltaic assessments, site design consultation, integration plans, vegetation plans, pollinator plans,  best practice manuals and feasibility studies according to your companies needs or goals.  All of our plans and initiatives are designed to help you successfully implement sheep grazing and other leading edge agrivoltaic modalities on your portfolio of projects. 


Our experience comes from working closely with the largest developers and asset owners in the utility scale, community solar and distributed generation space.  Allow our team to bring together 10 plus years of boots-on-the-ground grazing and consultation expertise to help you permit, plan or design your site for successful agrivoltaic integration. Tap into our specialized knowledge of sheep and pollinator habitat integration or allow our team to assist your with early stage permitting and county PR efforts.  Our onsite evaluations and integration plans have saved developers hundreds of thousands of dollars on seeding, vegetation, and infrastructure CAPEX costs. We can also create beekeeping or hybrid grazing plans to integrate bees and other livestock on your portfolio of projects. We have the resources and experience to help you put together an actionable integrated plan that will save you money and make sure you reach your solar grazing and agrivoltaic goals.  


Consulting Services:

  • Assistance with permitting and moratoriums

  • Phase 1 Agvitoltaic site review and assessments

  • Phase 2 Agrivoltaic site design and implementation

  • Comparative studies and cost benefit analysis

  • Agrivoltaic pollinator seed mix design

  • Pollinator and seeding plans (State Specific)

  • Vegetation management plans

  • Grazing management plans

  • Risk assessments

  • Best practice manuals

  • PR,  community outreach and education

  • In person consultations and meeting with landowners and county officials

Sustainable Energy
Black ram and ewes on United Agrivoltaics solar grazing site

Working with

Turning Point Energy
Blue Rock
Cortland State College
Novus Renewables
liberty power

An Agrovoltaic Solution

Before Sheep

  • Vegetation shades panels

  • Costly O & M

  • Tight corners require specialty equipment

  • High carbon output

  • Use of herbicides

  • Erosion of soil

  • Turf grass and gravel

After Sheep

  • Reduce carbon foot print

  • Reduce O&M costs

  • Build sustainability

  • Stimulate local economy

  • Continue agricultural land use

  • Pollinator compatiblility

  • Improve the face of solar

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