Agrivoltaic Consulting

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Make your site Agriculturally friendly - Solar Grazing friendly - and save annually on O&M !

We Help with all things related to the implementation of Agrivoltaics in existing or developing solar sites.  We specialize specifically in sheep grazing on solar sites and have the resources to help you with our robust Agrivoltaic consulting services.  


We help Solar Developers and local authorities plan for and impliment solar grazing / dual-use requirements including:

  • water access issues 

  • fencing concerns 

  • access to 110v  

  • fencing needs 

  • how can you help future R&D

  • new innovative ideas 

  • PR and community outreach and education on your behalf 

Sustainable Energy

The Goal

Before Sheep

  • vegetation shades the solar panels

  • costly maintenance

  • tight corners require specialty equipment

  • high carbon output

  • herbicides

The Task

  • Reduce carbon foot print

  • Lower costs

  • Build sustainability

  • Stimulate local economy