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Make your site Agriculturally friendly - Solar Grazing friendly - and save annually on O&M !

Our Agrivoltaic Consulting team specialize in the development of agrivoltaic integrated plans, vegetation plans,  reports and feasibility studies. 


We specialize on the integration of pollinator friendly vegetation and grazing.  Our onsite evaluation and integration plans have saved developers 100's of thousands of dollars on seeding and costly vegetation mistakes. We can also create beekeeping plans to integrate bees on your portfolio of projects where applicable. If you are a solar developer we have the resources and experience to help you put together an actionable integrated plan with our professional Agrivoltaic consulting services.  


We help Solar Developers plan for and address solar grazing / dual-use requirements as well as issues pertaining to:

  • continued use of agricultural land

  • dual-use use of land

  • agricultural productivity

  • comparative studies

  • pollinators

  • signage requirements

  • water access issues 

  • fencing concerns

  • 110v  access needs

  • PR and community outreach / education

Sustainable Energy
Black ram and ewes on United Agrivoltaics solar grazing site

Working with

liberty power square.png

An Agrovoltaic Solution

Before Sheep

  • Vegetation shades panels

  • Costly O & M

  • Tight corners require specialty equipment

  • High carbon output

  • Use of herbicides

  • Erosion of soil

  • Turf grass and gravel

After Sheep

  • Reduce carbon foot print

  • Reduce O&M costs

  • Build sustainability

  • Stimulate local economy

  • Continue agricultural land use

  • Pollinator compatiblility

  • Improve the face of solar

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