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United Agrivoltaics Solar Grazing

A Perfect Partnership

Are you a Solar Developer?

Let us introduce you to the UA team! United Agrivoltaics is the nation’s first solar farming franchise, with operations that are similar to a co-op. We provide solar developers with a cost effective and sustainable alternative to  vegetation maintenance by finding farm partners who want to help make solar grazing on your solar sites a reality.


Our goals are to save your Solar development firm money and make it easy to add solar grazing for vegetation maintenance.   By implementing dual-use solar with our Agrivoltaic model, your portfolio can reduce costly carbon output from mechanical mowing while sequestering carbon back into the soil through regenerative agriculture. This  develops a positive PR image and creates a positive narrative and an efficient eco-friendly business model that communities can be proud to support! 


This is also a great growth opportunity for our local farmers. With solar farms all across the country, we have the most diverse and capable team ready to help you maintain your solar vegetation. Since 2015 we have been building a reputation for excellence in the industry uniting both farmers and developers.

Sustainable Energy
United Agrivoltaics sheep ram solar grazing on solar site


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Why Sheep?

Traditionally, a 10-acre solar sight requires dozens of man hours of mowing with a large crew, 2-3 times per year, with high carbon producing weed whackers, specialized flail mowers and track driven skidsteers and sickle bars. The carbon output for each mowing of a 10 acres site, can be equivalent to driving a SUV back and forth across the United States. The only other industry alternative is one or two applications of a chemical weed-killer.  Using sheep to graze the site cuts that mowing time to about 12 hours a year per 10 acres. Using sheep reduces access issues with perimeter fence proximity and saves thousands on costly mechanical repairs to damaged arrays.  Using sheep eliminates hundreds of hours of running high carbon producing equipment. Using Sheep under solar is even more environmentally friendly than traditional crop farming while increasing the productivity of the land both in terms of energy production and food production.  We have found solar grazing sustains more animal units per acre by providing a wider variation of plants and a stress free environment free from the elements of open range grazing. Sheep benefit from foraging the land and providing a service.  They reduce the need for herbicides and pesticides and they provide jobs in the farming industry, all while resequestering carbon back in the soil and producing local food products! The question we should be asking is, why NOT sheep?

Our team developed United Agrivoltaics with solutions in mind. Our model can…


Reduce the carbon emissions from gas-powered lawn equipment​


Reduce the manpower hours that tedious solar equipment vegetation demands


Eliminate the need for herbicides on solar sites


Reduce the cost of solar vegetation maintenance

But that’s not all. The United Agrivoltaics model easily allows farmers to…


Boost income from existing flocks


Enrich sub-soil on the land 


Enhance the local economy


Provide eco-friendly practices for a high-demand industry


Gain local PR due to sustainability relevance


Our Goal is to provide more than just vegetative maintenance services but to build a long-lasting relationship with our location partners that is both beneficial and synergistic. Over the years we have come to realize our commitment to the sites we serve is a commitment to the greater project. We like to be seen as full-time, on-site care takers bringing attention to any issues that might arise, including offering out of scope work like plowing with our onsite equipment, giving tours with our ATVs and UTVs, helping contractors with access issues, taking photos as needed for documentation, and developing relationships with local business, farms, and contractors on your behalf, creating and promoting a healthy PR image. Our commitment to you is to be your reliable partner and help in any way we can. 



Our commitment to you is to be your eyes on the ground and help in any way we can. Our company’s first priority is your vegetation maintenance needs but above and beyond that our commitment is to begin making these sites more efficient by developing integrated agriculture and utilizing agrivoltaic farming to reduce existing operations and maintenance costs. By grazing sheep, and as the R&D works out, hopefully chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and pigs to control the pastures vegetation beneath the panels we hope not only to save O&M costs over traditional mechanical mowing but increase the overall productivity of the land.


Our company can improve affordability, reliability, and domestic benefits to PV by making solar and Agriculture land more productive through dual use.  Opening up more future land access to solar without sacrificing agricultural land, is especially important in rural communities, but we are also opening up farming opportunities in urban areas necessary for food security, jobs and access to land for underserved and disadvantaged minorities.

Environmental Advantage

In addition to all that, we are reducing the number of years each project is net carbon neutral.


An Agrivoltaic approach can save as much as 1 metric ton of carbon per acre over mechanical mowing.  By implementing regenerative agriculture and resequestering carbon back into the soil, it’s a huge win for the environment.  In addition, this is potentially a revenue source for developers who chose a regenerative mowing method. Through soil carbon tax credits, there could be a price per acre you could receive for working with us. We do all this while increasing native habitats for insects and birds and working with pollinators like honeybees to maximize the calories per square meter and promote a healthy ecosystem. 



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