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Sustainable Energy
United Agrivoltaics Solar Grazing

United Agrivoltaics is your partner for Solar Grazing. We work with farmers and solar developers all over the USA to place sheep on solar sites for vegetative maintenance and to facilitate the implementation of solar grazing in your County.

We are one of the nation’s first and oldest Agrivoltaic sheep grazing firms, sustainably managing commercial ground-mounted solar arrays with solar grazing since 2015.  With sites across the country, we are expanding our operations with our duplicatable process that works for large-scale solar. Our model works like a co-op to steadily expand our ability to service new areas with solar grazing in this high-growth industry. 

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United Agrivoltaics creates site-specific action plans and monitors their implementation to ensure your needs are met. Caleb Scott, Owner of United Agrivoltaics and, VP of the American Solar Grazing Association, will be your lead. We got our start servicing the solar industry with mechanical mowing, O&M needs and support with construction. With experience farming sheep, pouring inverter pads, installing roads, drainage, and hydro seeding with our solar pasture blends, our team brings unique insight. If you need Agrivoltaic consulting we have a team of professionals to help you implement Dual-use Solar and Agrivoltaic solutions on your solar project regardless of size.  

Beautiful Grazing Sheep on solar site with Agrivoltaic Consultant from United Agrivoltaics


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Herd of Sheep on Solar Site with Shepard walking to solar grazing site

Our first priority is vegetation maintenance by grazing sheep on solar sites.  However, above and beyond that, solar grazing helps reach our goal to make ground-mounted solar sites more efficient by developing integrated agriculture and using agrivoltaic farming to reduce existing operations & maintenance costs.  By solar grazing sheep, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and pigs to control the pastures vegetation beneath the panels, we look to not only save O&M costs over traditional mechanical mowing but increase the overall productivity of the land.  


Our company can improve affordability, reliability, and domestic benefits to PV by making solar and agricultural land more productive through dual-use.   Opening up more future land access to solar for everyone without sacrificing agricultural land, is especially important in rural communities.  We also aim to open up farming opportunities in urban areas necessary for food security,  jobs and access to land for underserved and disadvantaged minorities.

In addition to all that, we are reducing the number of years each project is net carbon neutral. An agrivoltaic approach using solar grazing with sheep can save as much as 1 metric ton of carbon per acre over mechanical mowing.  By implementing regenerative agriculture and re-sequestering carbon back into the soil, it’s a huge win for the environment. We do all this while increasing native habitats for insects and birds and working with pollinators like honeybees to maximize the calories per square meter and promote a healthy ecosystem.

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Our Goal is to provide more than just vegetative maintenance services but to build a long-lasting relationship with our location partners that is both beneficial and synergistic. Over the years we have come to realize our commitment to the sites we serve is a commitment to the greater project. We like to be seen as full-time, on-site caretakers bringing attention to any issues that might arise, helping contractors with access issues, taking photos as needed for documentation, and developing relationships with local businesses, farms, and contractors on your behalf thereby creating and promoting a healthy PR image. Our commitment to you is to be your go-to, reliable partner to help in any way we can.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our firm.

Owner of United Agrivoltaics and co-founer of ASGA with lamb on solar site
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